Energy Healing

If you long for a gentle, relaxing and peaceful treatment session, then Energy Healing is for you.

Reiki, energy healing, channelling energyIn this time you receive a transmission of higher energies through the therapist into the client, through placing hands on or just above the body. There is no massage involved, no need to undress, just relax and allow the energy to fill you.

The body takes the energy wherever it needs to go, and can have a profound healing effect. But most often, you will talk away with a simple feeling of bliss, relaxation and peace.

Suta is trained in Angelic Reiki (click here to find out more about it), Usui Reiki and has been a student of Energy Master Michael Barnett.

Cost: £60 for an hour, £85 for 1.5 hours

Venue: Bristol and London, home visits by arrangement

For bookings, contact Suta by email or on 07446 052313.

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Email:   Tel: 07446 052313