Do you wish you had more energy for love and life? Do you have difficulty relating - to the opposite sex, your own sex or yourself? Are you stuck in a rut with love-making and want to know how to move forward? Do you want to take life less seriously, and feel more pleasure?

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Tantra is an ancient science of life that was developed over thousands of years of experimenting with different methods to raise energy. It's methods are proven to help open and free life energy and address difficulties in relating - whether that's with your partner, your sister, your friend, or yourself. They are also a lot of fun! Many of the methods are about transforming through pleasure, and can increase your capacity for relaxation, bliss and ecstasy.

Suta and Tantra

Suta was in apprenticeship with the School of Awakening - one of the UKs foremost Tantra schools - for 10 years, and since 2008 has taught groups with Mahasatvaa Ananda Sarita, the co-founder and creative force behind the school, as well as running his own workshops.

This is what Sarita has to say about her experience of knowing and working with Suta:

"Suta is a light being who has returned to this earth to help all beings find their way back home to the light of their highest potential. When teaching, he is full of wisdom, joy and enthusiasm. He finds his rootedness to this earth through abundant celebration of love in all it's many and varied aspects. His passion for music and dance brings a vibrant alive quality to group dynamics. I always say, the path to ultimate truth doesn't have to be serious or heavy. It can be a path full of the flowers of love, pleasure and celebration. Suta embodies these qualities and supports people in discovering their bliss, moment to moment."  



 "Suta holds a space that both encourages tantra seekers to open up energetically and deepen internally. I love his awareness and care for the more introverted aspects of our selves which can often be overlooked in favour of performance or appearing orgasmic. It is a real art to weave both and he knows how to do it!"     James Stevenson of 'Awaken Love'


"Suta brings a juicy quality to his workshops which inspires and enlivens the participants in his groups. Working very much with the energetic components of tantra, his use of sound, touch and communication structures take the participants on a real journey of the senses."  Rakendra, bioenergetic therapist and creator of 'Bodyflow''


"Suta is a highly gifted and experienced teacher of tantra. His dedication to his personal path of transformation has taken him deep into breath and bodywork and he excels in bringing these to others. He is inspirational in supporting people to liberate their sexuality and claim both the power and sensitivity in this vital aspect of life. Suta brings wisdom, expertise and a tender heart to his teaching and holding of groups."   Roxana Hewitt of Lucid Love Tantra 


And here's a selection of the feedback about Sutas Tantra groups:

"The Tantra work has helped to open me up and I have gained a lot of confidence since attending the workshops. I am now a lot more at ease with myself......I cannot recommend Suta highly enough. Come with an open mind and a willingness to participate fully and you will not leave disappointed." Andrew, Bristol"

"I found Suta's Tantra style gentle but powerful! I found myself grunting, screaming, laughing, sharing, dancing and having wonderful fun.... and then found I'd really learnt something about myself, the world and those in it. I deepened into my own wisdom. Thank you for being the wizard that showed me the way!" Amala, Bristol


Talks, coaching, groups, massage - what's your taste of Tantra?

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Suta runs weekend Tantra groups with different female co-teachers, offering the chance to feel bliss, connection and ease. He works with men to help them feel more at ease with themselves as sexual beings and be more confident with the opposite sex.

He also offers, with a female therapist, private Tantra tuition for couples wanting to deepen their intimacy, and Tantric bodywork for men and women, to help them come to ease with their sexuality and their body.


See the calendar for details of Suta's groups in 2017.


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