The Truth About Tantric Massage

 What is Tantric massage?


There are many misconceptions about Tantra, and Tantric massage especially. Websites advertising 'Tantric massage' as a byword for other kinds of special services doesn't help!! So what is it really?

Tantric massage is an ancient art that uses the sense of touch to help us come home to our body and our self, as well as connect deeply with another from a place of sensitivity. It can improve and deepen love-making and also be a path of personal growth. It can include sexual energy and issues around sexuality, but so much more - emotions, love, spirit, expansion - everything that the human being is.

Suta has more than 20 years experience in massage, bodywork and Tantra. He uses this knowledge to share his unique perspective on what Tantric massage is and the benefits it can bring.

He says this about Tantric massage: "you can have a Tantric massage with your clothes on!........."



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