Tantra in the Dark


          THE DARKNESS EXPERIENCE                        

a beautiful path to your Inner Light & Knowing Soul


Spending time in darkness is a powerful and ancient method to bring you to deep relaxation, profound meditation and a Reconnection with your Soul. 

       This is an invitation -

                                       To you, who has a longing to Be,

          and you, who is bearing a secret, hidden pearl

              and those who have a sense of carrying burdens
                       and weight from the world that is not yours.
this is a call.
A call to shift the dimension ......
from the world of form and light - the endless responsibilities, the serious dramas and frivolous play,
to create a little 'Soulstime'.
Stop chasing the light!
Stop chasing.....
Enter Darkness.
The luminous dark.
Offer yourself to its velvet embrace,
and as all slows - mind-chatter, body rhythms, world clatter
and whilst the-you-that-you're-used-to rests, deeply
Gestate in the Mystery. A Dreamtime alchemy.
Then perhaps you may merge with Grace,
recall you're ever eternal face
reclaim your piece of infinity
and in slow rapture, return to the Soul.
From this gentle holding,
this masterfully being worked on,
You emerge
Refreshed, humbled, awed, deepened
Knowing what you know
guided by the light within
On purpose, unhooked, enlightened.....?
Come, join us in the Dark .... and find your Inner Light
The next Darkness Experience is 6-8th October 2017 in a lovely retreat centre in Dorset, UK.
Feedback from recent Darkness workshops - 
" Wow! The Darkness Experience was GREAT!! I really enjoyed the Darkness and it helped me see clearly things about my life and aspirations. I am more than fully charged! I feel cleared, open and went into meditation deeper than ever before. I would certainly recommend the Darkness Experience to others it is an amazingly powerful retreat."    Roy

" This retreat was profound, touching and insightful - the Darkness is a great teacher!I loved the meditations and breath work and just simply nesting in the darkness with poetry and beautiful music. It enabled me to befriend parts of myself that are usually neglected in the 'more-ness' of life. Yes to the Darkness Experience!! "    Gayatri


" Id been feeling the need for challenging activities and was intrigued by the Darkness Experience. Wow! It turned out to be an amazing experience - I learned so many things about myself - some small, some large. This is a powerful experience that I would not hesitate to attend again, and I would definitely recommend it to others."     Angus


 " I was ready for a challenge. I was anticipating being bored, restless, faced with difficult emotions and dark corners of my soul. Instead it was a deep feeling of ease, rest and peace. I was Home, and I liked myself! What an amazing gift to receive! After 24 hours in the Darkness I felt as if I had been on a long holiday - rested, renewed and revitalised, and most importantly, connected to myself. So simple and so profound. Thank you for this experience "  Anastasia

" This was one of the most powerfully nourishing workshop experiences Ive had in years - at many levels of being "         Steve
" The blazing Dark held me in love and beauty - deeply nourishing, revealing, and an unexpected joy to find perfect, expansive freedom to be "         Kim


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