Links - site of world-renowed Tantra teacher and author Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, who Suta trained with for 10 years and now co-teaches with in the UK and Europe. - site of amazing Shaman Wilbert Alix, who Suta did part of his Trancedance training with. A really rich resource for finding out more about Trancedance, which has some really cool photos and videos, which give you a hint of the experience! - delicious Tantric massage in North Yorkshire from Kalyani, bringing loving, intimate and sacred touch to the north. - a beautiful workshop and retreat centre under development in Portugal by Miguel and Shobha, two of my favourite people in the world! - wonderful Tantric resource, packed with information about What is Tantra, Tantra teachers and therapists in the UK, events, therapies, products and even dating - its all on here folks, check it out! - pain relief, relaxation and juicy joy with Tachyon products!





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