Let's Talk About Sex

For anyone who ever thought there must be more to sex.....

Are you getting enough sex? Is the sex you have satisfying? Maybe you are already enjoying your sex life, but feel there's somewhere else it could take you?

Join Suta as he talks about sacred sexuality from a perspective that combines sex, love and spirit, drawing from his many years of experience of Tantra and exploring sexuality and sensuality through the body, mind and soul. He will also offer some simple tips to help you deepen your exploration of sexuality, including a short guided meditation.

Here's a selection of what people have had to say so far:

"An enjoyable and interesting talk about sex and spirituality. It was good to listen to someone so well-versed in the arts of Tantra." A, Bristol

"I enjoyed the frank and open discussion of sex and love. It touched on many areas of intimacy that we often paste over or are not throughly talked about. I also enjoyed Suta's humour and the invitation to ask questions from this font of sexual knowledge." Emma, Bristol

Ask questions, share thoughts, drink tea and meet others who are curious to know more about sex.

From the sexy to the sublime, for anyone curious about sex and wanting to know more, have more or experience more, in sex.

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Suta has been studying meditation and the healing arts for 20 years, and is a qualified masseur. He trained with Mahasatvaa Sarita, for 10 years and is now a teacher of singles and couples Tantra groups. It is his joy in life to help people awaken to the full range of their sexuality. "I know both from my own life, and working with others, that it is always possible to deepen and expand your experience in the sensual realms."




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